Joseph Haydn, his life, his music

Being the former residence of the renowned composer the Haydn House is an authentic historical location. In the position of music director at the Esterházy court Joseph Haydn acquired the baroque house and occupied it for twelve years. It is located in the centre of Eisenstadt and considered as a jewel of the cultural history of Burgenland. Not only are the rooms decorated with original furniture of Haydn’s time but also the historical wall paintings have been carefully uncovered. The guests are taken back into baroque times and into the environment of the composure, “this is the home of the master”.  Haydn’s musical opus can be experienced by his piano music, his string quartets and the great oratories 'The creation' and ‘The seasons'.  The exhibits range from portraits, letters and musical scores to rarities such as a fortepiano built by Anton Walter in 1780 and a letter written by his mistress to their presumably mutual son.


A costumed guided tour by Mrs. Haydn, an active program for children and modern audio guides give vivid impressions of Haydn’s life.