General concept

Kultur Burgenland

„Bunched force instead of lone fighters“


The entire province provides a great variety of festivals which cover all categories of art and culture ranging from opera to operettas, from theatre to comedy, from classical concerts to Jazz and Urban Arts. Castles, fortresses, churches and well-preserved centres of villages give evidence of the high culture of the past and cultural influences of the ethnic groups of bordering countries. The various museums and galleries display history and modernism, tradition and vision. 
The entire range of the cultural supply in Burgenland is collectively presented under the umbrella brand “Kultur Burgenland”.

KBB – Kultur-Betriebe Burgenland

KBB-Kultur-Betriebe Burgenland GmbH. is defined as museum-, event and service management organisation in the cultural management of Burgenland. 
The enterprise focuses on preservation and administration, operation and marketing of the museums and galleries of the province of Burgenland, communication and ticket sales of the brand Kultur Burgenland but also on the organisation, coordination and handling of theme years and projects with transregional focal points. That is to say, the KBB functions in the section of museum- and event management, as well as in service- and project management and considers itself as cultural network that equally addresses cultural institutions, guests and visitors. 
Hence, forces, know-how and resources of the cultural organisers in Burgenland are bundled, synergies are used and cultural clusters are strengthened. 
On the one hand, it does not only provide every person who is interested in culture an easy access to the cultural scene of Burgenland but it also enables to receive all necessary information and services at one single place to go. On the other hand, it puts the touristic as well as the economic significance of festivals and event venues as well as museum, galleries and cultural monument into the focus of attention. And equally encourages cooperative work.