Haydn on tour

From Vienna to London in 18 days

23 March – 11 November 2018 | Haydn House Eisenstadt


Joseph Haydn went on two concert tours to London between 1790 and 1795. Before his departure he wiped out the concerns of his worried friend Mozart by saying “My language is understood throughout the world!”

Both tours were a compositional and financial success and they considerably enhanced his musical image. Although the stays in London have been highly important to Haydn himself and to music history in general, the exhibition focuses on the days of his journeys from Vienna to London and back.

By displaying the various forms of travelling including stage coaches, private coaches and sailing ships the exhibition aims to demonstrate the enormous organisational effort that travellers of the 18th century were forced to take. It is well known which inns and hotels accommodated Haydn in the course of his journeys.

The exhibition provides a view on Haydn’s encounters with musicians and aristocrats as well as on historical events such as the imperial coronation in Frankfurt or the French Revolution which foiled his travel plans. Haydn’s journeys were well documented in his notebooks, letters, contemporaneous newspaper articles, as well as in musical scores, maps and exhibits.

Curators: Dr. Walter Reicher, Mag.a Theresia Gabriel