The kitchen garden that Joseph Haydn acquired along with his residence has been revitalised. A treasure of baroque wisdoms and recipes of kitchen--, medicinal- and fragrant plants awaits the visitors.

When Joseph Haydn rose to the position of music director in 1766 he wanted to underscore his social status by acquiring a house in Eisenstadt, the present Haydn House. The historical purchase agreement also lists a garden outside the city walls, behind the citizen’s hospital, which Joseph Haydn purchased along with his house. In 2002 the garden was revitalised, geometrically arranged and newly replanted strictly according to its baroque model. The pavilion, which today rises above the garden fence, has also existed at Haydn’s time. In the present time, the place offers a lush garden oasis in the centre of the town.  Beginning in spring and lasting until late autumn the garden brings forth healing, fragrant and nourishing plants. Garden benches underneath roses invite the visitor to rest and observe. At this specific sight it becomes evident that the musical genius Haydn has composed in this garden.

However, the garden mainly served as source of self-supply for the Haydn household.  As listed in the fired damage survey, they also reared pigs and chickens which were a part of the natural products that Haydn also received as salary. A treasure of wisdoms and recipes has been delivered to posterity. The garden provides a wide range of vegetables, aromatic, but unfamiliar herbs, eatable flowers and still various other curiosities of Mrs. Haydn’s kitchen. Lilies, iris and roses have been utilised in the production of fragrant carpets and perfumes.  Marigold salve and rose powder also nourish the skin in present times. Obviously, Maria Anna Theresia Haydn must have had a specific knowledge about herbalism. Those who are skilled in using herbal medicine will find a medicine against almost every existing malady in Haydn’s kitchen garden.

The kitchen garden is not open to the public. It is accessible in the form of guided tours (only in German language).

Bürgerspitalgasse (Osterwiese behind Bank Burgenland)

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