Shopping at Haydn House Eisenstadt!

Thinking about the word museum usually directs to the former residence of Haydn or to the Museum of Province of Burgenland. However, many are unaware of the fact that these museums also comprise lovingly equipped shops which are also open to visitors at the weekend.

Whoever is in urgent need for a present at the weekend has still other option than buying a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates at the service station: the museum stores in the Haydn House Eisenstadt, the Museum of Province of Burgenland, the Projectroom Burgenland opposite to the Castle Esterházy, the Gallery Burgenland located in the new Cultural Congress Centre at Franz-Schubert Platz all provide a variety of treasures that give pleasure and convey style.

From Haydn-badges to matches with staves, the assortment ranges from Haydn to Liszt including musical gifts, souvenirs of Eisenstadt, literature, CDs to Pauli-Plappagei products. Each single item has a specific connection to the rich culture of Burgenland.

Furthermore we offer gift packages and bows- and the present is ready to be given away! 

Contact person:

Alessandra Mimra
Tel.: +43-2682-719-3019, Fax DW 3051
alessandra [dot] mimra [ at ] kultur-burgenland [dot] at